As a freelance medical/scientific illustrator, I create accurate and engaging visual representations of medical and scientific concepts, processes, and phenomena. I have a Master of Arts degree in Scientific Illustration from Maastricht University, where I learned to apply anatomical, surgical, pathological, and physiological knowledge to various illustration techniques and media. I have over five years of experience as a graphic designer, art director, and comic artist in both media and publishing. I have built on my experience in graphic design, art direction, and comics through the projects and assignments over the years. I am passionate about the human body and anything related to it; because of this, I seek out works that focus on the mechanism, functionality, and knowledge of it. Because of my passion for knowledge of anatomy and research about the human body, I would love to collaborate with you in telling your stories to a broader target audience. From my creative arts background, conceptualisation has become one of the trademarks that amplified the quality of my work. As a visual communicator, I aim to deliver clear, accurate, and visually-appealing illustrations that enhance understanding and learning.

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