Who am I?
Coming from a graphic designer background in Istanbul, I moved to the Netherlands to experience new challenges and to equip myself with new skills. I met these challenges head-on when I enrolled in the combined Master’s Scientific Illustration from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.
I graduated in June 2019.
I am a native speaker of Turkish and can speak English at the upper intermediate level.

My philosophy
I value thoughts that are based upon the evolution of matter, just as nature does.
Counterintuitively, I believe that science does not always happen in a linear fashion. Coincidences and variables do exist, hence, why we must acknowledge that they have a place within the scientific realm.

What inspires me?
From my earliest recollection, I have been told that I am a good observer, with an enormous curiosity about the unknown, and an urge to dig deep into any subject matter. I like observing one aspect from multiple angles.

As a traditional artist, my artistic skills have proved useful in uncovering my creativity and has been used as a stepping-stone, to develop my other skill sets. I expanded still within other disciplinary areas, such as surgery and dissections.

As a cartoonist, this is where my soft-spot lies, where my creative imagination rejoices over other more academic material. My artwork ranges from a humourous and adventurous vein to more adult topics, to storyboards and children’s book illustrations.

As a scientific illustrator, I see myself as a professional, who is able to carefully evaluate both technical, scientific and visual information that makes up the skillset of a visual storyteller.
I endeavour to perceive subtle changes in fine details that are hard to grasp at first glance. My artwork serves as a bridge between the increasing scientific intricacy and variability of the audience, for which I try to narrow the gap as much as possible.

Working style
I am always sure to utilise any opportunity to hone my multitasking skills whenever possible, which over time has allowed me to stay focused on the specific project and audience at hand.
I also greatly enjoy planning. When I start a new day, I wish to remain loyal to my daily plans whenever possible. By doing this, I can see my progression unfolding throughout the day, whilst reducing the possibilities of becoming sidetracked.
Being versatile allows me to think from different perspectives and work within a multi-disciplined environment.
This self-discipline motivates me and encourages me to fulfil my goals on a daily basis, which is essential for a freelancer.